making clip on earrings

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Most women have a lot of interest in the types of jewelry. This is the best way to use ornaments that they are the product of your own hands. Ornaments, made with some inexpensive and small appliances at home and some creativity, can be beautifully perfected. Making earrings is one of the things that all women, especially young girls, are interested in and they do it with great taste and attention. Different models of the earrings can be made easily and without special features at home. In this way, we use your old ornaments or jewelry to make earrings. In fact, by connecting these pieces together, you will create a pair of new earrings with your own design. Read this article about making clip on earrings.


Step One: Tools Required

making clip on earrings: The items you choose to make the earrings depend on what you have at your house. The dough, decorative stones, metal designs and … are some of the things you can easily find between your old jewelry or buy it at a very low price. After you have selected and prepared the original parts of the earrings, you need to make the necessary accessories for connecting these pieces to each other. Beaded hoops 40mm White – This pearl is placed between pieces of earrings. You can use something that matches your designs instead of pearls.

making clip on earrings

Step Two: Connect the parts

making clip on earrings: We build the fabrication using the pieces we have proposed, but it will work the same way as other decorative items.  First, dispose of white pearls and dumplings from a 40mm needle. We do not use an ordinary needle and we use needles that have a ring around them. If you do not find these needles, you can create your own with a wire. With a narrow tail, the other side of the head will fold the narrow tail, and then attach the earring hook. Insert a rectangular stripe into the other needle (the series is connected to the needle). ). Add the needle on a metal helmet but not repeat the pearl tie to the stone. Now repeat the steps for making the pair of other earrings. You can create these beautiful earrings in different colors, and wear with different outfits.


Learn to make wired earrings

making clip on earrings: If you have an old ring or bracelet that has a beautiful stone or bead, use it to create a pair of stylish earrings for yourself. It takes only ten minutes to make it.

  • Tools required are Steel wire (size 18 to 20) Automatic wire or automotive tail – or any other cylindrical or precious stone in the desired size and color.
  • Wire and nut: Measure and wire 30 centimeters. If your bead size is bigger, it’s better to take a few centimeters longer, because you cannot add the wire later. Release the nut from the wire and place it in the middle of the wire.
  • Wire the wire around the nut: After setting the nut on the wire, start wrapping the wire around the nut. Do this from both sides of the wire. Try to wrap the wires evenly around the nut, but do not need to be quite straightforward. When the remaining wire reaches 2 centimeters and on the other side to 4 centimeters, stops wire wrapping. The thickness of welded wires around the bead and the ratio to the diameter of the nut depends on your taste. You can try different sizes before tightening the wire head.
  • making clip on earrings: Tighten the wire: With a thin tail, perfectly flatten the head of the wire, which is four centimeters. Then wrap the short head (2 centimeters head) round this wire.
  • Create an earring hook: In this part, you will need a cylindrical object like a car. Simply turn the wire straight away and hook it up. The size of the hook and its distance with the decorative bead has a great effect on the appearance of the earrings. So carefully observe the sizes.

making clip on earrings

making clip on earrings: Learn more about the convenience of the earrings

If you are going to buy gold earrings you may have seen different models so far. Among them, you have selected a number of them as your shopping options. But the question is which of these approved options are easier? Because of comfort is also one of the tips that should be considered when buying earrings.