bathroom decorating ideas

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It’s true that most of our time at home is not spent in the bathroom or bath, but it’s not a reason to deal with hall decoration and bedroom, while our room is dark and drowsy. Incidentally, beautiful and pleasant sanitary services will make you even more important to your own cleanliness! To make the bathroom more beautiful, you do not have to think about replacing sanitary napkins and sanitary napkins that are generally expensive. With a few small changes, the services can be turned into more beautiful environments. if you want some bathroom ideas , read this article.

bathroom decorating ideas


Can you imagine live without bathroom?

You know bathroom is one of the important rooms in the house. It may be one of the smallest rooms in your home but it can be big on style. Most people don’t have a large bathroom, and they think about how to decorate a small bathroom. In this article we will show you How to Decorate a Bathroom without Clutter.


Natural flowers in the bathroom

Many people make artificial flowers next to the bathroom, but little will try the natural flower. Look for flowers that do not want a lot of light, and the bathroom and light bulbs are enough for such flowers. You can put a small bowl next to a washbasin or just put a vase instead of one of the washbasin mirror cups. A small cactus is also suitable for this. If you are worried about pouring dirt and dirt on your bathroom, you can go to the trench (glass sockets with soil and plant); this does not pull the soil out of the tight.

bathroom decorating ideas


 Choose easy upgrades

Giving your bathroom a new look doesn’t need to much money. Cabinetry, Tile and the bathtub are the real budget busters. Keep the big-ticket items as they are; instead, let your personality shine with easy-to-replace items. Installing inexpensive glass shelves, for example, creates space to display favorite decorative items. Replacing basic light fixtures with showcase sconces or a sparkling chandelier can take the room from blah to spa. A new bath mat can cover up an outdated floor while adding a shot of color. Other budget-friendly ideas include updating the shower curtain or window treatments, repainting the room, or adding a row of decorative tile above the sink.


 Maximize space

In small bathroom, floor space is at a premium. Make the most of limited square footage by going vertical. Wall-mount cubbies are a smart way to corral hand towels, soap, and other small toiletries. Store pretty and colorful items in the open spots, and use lidded baskets to stash tools and toiletries out of sight. Another colorful storage option is to install glass ledges over iridescent or color-glass mosaic tiles. Other space-saving solutions for small bathrooms include corner shelves, recessed medicine cabinets, and wall-mount sinks.

bathroom decorating ideas

Build your character

A utilitarian space by nature, bathrooms can often feel cold and impersonal. One simple solution for creating a warm and cozy feeling is to choose furniture-style cabinetry. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf unit you love, consider creating one by converting a dresser or sofa table into a custom vanity. Another great way to add character to a basic bath is by adding wainscoting, crown molding, or built-in cabinetry that gives the look of an older home. Showcase these architectural details by painting them bright white and surrounding them with bright walls and colorful accent pieces.


Play it cool

A soothing color palette of neutral tones inspired by nature is a smart choice in a large master bathroom where bold color can be overwhelming. Pairing white or cream walls with shades of beige or gray on the furniture and fabrics creates a calming, spa-like atmosphere. Use a large mirror to reflect natural light and flood the space with a warm glow. Floor-to-ceiling window treatments are a luxurious and unexpected choice for a bathroom. Neutral decor is classic, but it doesn’t have to be dull. Colorful accents really pop when used in small doses, such as fresh flowers or an area rug.


 Light the way

Whether it’s a pint-size powder room or a spacious master bath, any bathroom will benefit from plenty of light. Natural light makes the room feel large and airy, while task lighting makes shaving or applying makeup easier. Keep windows shining bright by leaving them uncovered or using light-color blinds or curtains? Update light fixtures with modern options that provide plenty of light while adding personality to the space.