How to identify good quality fabric?

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if you want to get the most out of the money you spend on a clothes, bag, (etc) and especially you are looking for ways to identify good quality fabric of clothes in your next shopping, do not miss this post!

from past to the present

I am sure that all of this post’s readers are agree that nowadays products (of even best known brands) are not as good as their old ones.

You might have an expensive branded jacket from years ago that still looks nice (almost as well as it was the first day you bought it). But if you purchase a new product from that same brand, there is a high chance that it won’t work for a long term for you.

In past each producer had lower number of competitors in the market, but in today’s world  there are lots of brands out there so they kind of has to avoid producing long lasting goods in order to keep costumers buying from them again and again.

Also, people are more willing to pay for cheaper items and you know the famous said: “the higher the price, the better the quality”.

In fact, buy brands changing their methods and decreasing their products’ qualities, finding a good quality cloth seems a little challenging.

Here in this post we are going to discuss on how to find out the quality of goods.

what does high quality mean?

Quality definition differs for person to person but in general, different factors like the life of the product, good quality fabric, construction and design (which depends on costumers’ tastes) are determining the quality of it.

  1. Pay attention to fabric

quality fabric

Most of people think that 2 clothes, bags, shoes or anything else that have equal fabric name are equal in quality.

In better words, you might see a cashmere sweeter which costs $200 and another one with a $1000 price tag.

Well, most of people think they are the same so they go for the cheaper one.

Generally speaking, better materials cost more money so if you are looking for a flawless leather then consider paying a little more on your next shopping.

  1. There are brands that are always good in a certain product.

Honestly, each brand is the best for only one or two items that it produces.

For example, J. Crew is well-known for its jeans but not the cashmere sweaters it produces.


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Natural fabrics


quality fabric

  •  a good quality cashmere is super soft. The nicest ones are those with thinner longer fibers.
  • If you pull it slightly, it must bounce back.
  • There are one ply and two ply. You can check this on the cloth’s tag. The two ply cashmere is recommended as it is less willing to develop holes.
  • Although the best quality fabrics cost more but remember that being more expensive does not necessarily represent the better quality.
  • Do not forget to check if it is woven tightly or not. You don’t want your cashmere sweeter to enlarge and seem outdated.


All the tips above are noticeable in choosing wool made clothes.


quality fabric

  • The fabric must be substantial and thick enough. (you don’t want it to tear easily in the future)
  • If it is held up to the light, it must be fairly opaque.
  • It must feel supper soft and drops on the skin smoothly.


quality fabric

  • Again it must be soft against the skin while being thick enough and substantial.
  • Cotton should feel soft, not scratchy.
  • Note that the longer the fibers of the cotton, the softer they’ll feel.
  • When you hold it up to the light, you shouldn’t see much light coming through the holes.


quality fabric

there are so many different types leather to choose from–calf, lambskin, deer, etc.

Some are naturally thick and hearty,

others are thinner and more fragile.

  • most manufacturers are proud of the fact that they use real leather, and will note it as following:
  1. Real leather
  2. Genuine leather
  3. Top/Full grain leather
  4. Made with animal products

how identify good quality fabric when buying leather products?

  • If you scratch your nail against it, it must not create a mark or disappear.
  • Pay attention to smell of the leather. It must smell like leather and not plastic, etc.
  • as real leather absorbs moisture, Drop a small amount of water on the good and check it if it is real leather.