Guide To Buying Belt For Men

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One of these fashion exams is wearing a belt For Men well: The easy job, rightly performed, confirms you as a person who understands his clothes. An error or a mistake demonstrates you still need to know something about dressing well. Needless to say, it’s not difficult to know the basics of a good belt and most of them are common sense. The remainder is private taste — and straps can communicate it in plenty of space.

Many men understand how they wear a Belt For Men – that’s one of their wardrobes most functioning, after all. But perhaps a belt is not only a tool for keeping your pants off the knees.

Belts also have the key role to play in fashion, particularly if worn in the right clothing, colors, etc. We believe your belts are a sufficient subject that we want to use this article for the best Belt For Men. We think your belts are an important subject.

5 items to consider when buying a Belt For Men before you buy

The correct belt for men selection begins with your basics and ends with your taste and style. It contains some good sense as with every decision on purchasing, but let’s start at the beginning:


One of the main factors you need to create is the longitude of a belt for men. Choose to use a longitude bigger than your waist (that is, the waist height used by you to pick trousers) as a rule of thumb. Someone else suggests that you have to choose the belt length which is 2 or even 3 sizes wider than the size of your panty pocket.

In any event, it is important to consider when choosing the right belt for men size how much additional length or “tail” will be left when the belt for men is attached. Any tail too long, particularly with dress pants, isn’t a desirable look. You may go with a casual belt a little longer, but don’t overdo it.

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It’s simpler to find the correct strap length when you shop in a shop because you can wrap the strap in your pocket to get a nice concept if it’s too long or short. Online shopping is a little bit more advanced and you should once again choose a length one or two sizes larger than your size of the waist.


Even before selecting a dress or a casual strap, width is especially crucial (we will discuss the distinctions a bit). Casual loops are usually broader and less formal.


You should keep your trousers up by a belt for men – for which we are always thankful – and the buckle secures the belt for men. Having said that, there are several popular buckles styles:


You will discover tongue-buckles on numerous loops; the belt for men slides through a metal loop and the tongue-to-stick is put on the lobe to maintain it safe.

Belt For Men

Buckles with hook

In this buckle style, there is a hook on the front of the belt for men with the flat metal or plastic plate.

Sliding buckles

The belt slips across a metal lock in this situation. The belt for men maintains a vertical fit inside the lock.

Note that the larger the belt for men, the less formal. Dress belt buckles have a gold or silver finish, usually. Your belt buckle should be of the same color, if you wear jewelry, like cufflinks.


The majority of belts are categorized as two – dresses or casual. Depending on your dress and the occasion, which one you choose. You will not discover numerous belts appropriate for either dressing or casual occurrence, but some of them are on our list, including a few.


Curls are more formal than informal belts, as their name implies. They usually wear suits and other classy clothes, and when you buy a dressing belt for men you should be mindful of some stuff.

    • The belt for men should also be between 1 1⁄4 “and 1 3/8” wide, anything else than a lonely belt for men, which may not be sufficiently dressy for more official opportunities.
    • The belt for men label would say: “complete grain leather”-leather is the preferred option of material for clothing strap. Beware of labels that say something like “genuine,” because it might not be the true thing. Suede is a different dressing material but it isn’t so official as leather. In informal circumstances, a suede belt often operates too.
    • Leather belts on dress belts should be brighter than on casual belts. A dress belt should not be overly decorated or modeled on the belt. For official occasions, gents, keep it easy.
    • The buckle in one dressing belt must be polished and, if at all, the styling kept to a minimum.
    • The most useful of polished gold buckles is brown and tan, whilst polished silver is the correct option for black or marine belts.
    • A reversible strap can always be purchased, one of each side being distinct in color, but certain specialists say reversible strap wear is quicker than other kinds.

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The casual belts are generally 1 1⁄2, “as stated above, broader than the clothing belts, and range in length from 1 1 1⁄4” to 1 3⁄4.

    • Leather is by far the most popular stuff in casual straps and again searches for a full grain leather strap. It not only looks better but it is also better for daily use as well as many individuals regularly wear their casual belt for men.
    • Casual belts are also available produced from suede and cotton. Cotton is really the cheapest and most casual of all casual belts.
    • The finish is not as bright on casual straps as on straps. Depending on your choice they may have stitching.
    • There are many more choices for loose loops, whereas loop shapes may cover a large range from square to rounded.


The most popular belt for men colors is black, brown and tan. In specific in a more official environment, your belt should match your shoes; at least they should correspond closely if not exactly.

Choosing a good Belt for men

Belts are just one of those rare menswear items where you don’t have to spend a lot of money on in order to achieve high quality. But the waist doesn’t want it. You shouldn’t need a lot for them in your wardrobe, just staples a few choices if you can get through any eventuality. Follow these guidelines to score with your buy an additional sartorial notch.

Look at the feet

you need to match your accessories. When choosing a belt for men, match the color to shoes that you understand you’re going to wear a lot, then make sure that the finish of your belt for men (matte, patent, suede) would be on the same page as your favorite kicks.

Take a measurement of height

Aside from skinny belts, your belt’s height should always be around one and a half inches. This measurement can work well with nearly any trouser style and make sure your belt for men is not comically broad. You haven’t been Batman.

Combine your metals

While bronze, gold, and brass colors are all appropriate colors for a belt for men buckle, attempt selecting a fabric that suits any other heavy metal you wear, like a timer or cufflinks.

Work with what you have been doing

Any single belt for men will fit every event, so imagine what kind of dresses make up your sartorial arsenal when you buy. A formal belt operates suitable for others who spend most of their time, while literally woven or informal designs will keep up more relaxed looks.

Manufacture some options

Leather may be the standard strap fabric, but circumnavigating your waistline is not the only choice. Don’t discard twill cotton or woven fabric belts that can provide a more laid-back, customized twist, particularly with casual summer dresses.

When and how to wear a belt of every type

Thankfully, there are moments when your belt for men remains covered, and it’s not the end of the world if you haven’t given much thought to what’s going on around your hips. However, make sure your waist doesn’t attract unbelievable eyes for those times when your belt is front and center.

Casual Leather belt for men

Casual belts have a dodgy ring to them inherently, but we’re not speaking about buckles belonging to a line-dancing class, but instead slick leather designs less reserved than official belts.

“One of the greatest methods to split up a separate glance is by casual leather straps. Wear one with a tucked t-shirt for a mild node in the eighties for the weekend. Look for a matte or brass buckle or grab a smooth suede instead of shiny leather.

Leather Belt for Men Dress

Belts never should be overclothed knowingly. Honestly, for costume occasions, I am not a believer in dress ties. Your formal pants must fit anymore. because if they don’t, instead I’d always opt for braces and use a dress belt to smart more informal looks. Like if you’re carrying separates to a private business office.

The woven Belt for Men

Contrary to common belief, it is not a prerequisite to own one of these to be a pastel polo-wielding college child. Woven belts are ideal during the summer to add a flash of texture to a couple of shorts. Also, when worn with a linen suit, they can offer a very classic spin.

Fabric Belt for Men

Like backpacks or duffle coats, under ‘not appropriate for adults, ‘ fabric belts are too often submitted. We call the bullshit. With their mild military feeling, fabric belts are ideal for carrying texture on texture with textured pants or shorts.

How and when to suit your belt in color

Just like with almost every piece of menswear that has ever been produced, bold color increases the probability of going off-piste catastrophically. With several exceptions to your choice, you should stick to a core coterie of belt colors that are versatile and less likely to send the rest of your outfit into complete and complete meltdown.

Dark Brown Belt for Men

That’s the most versatile color of the belt and when worn with claret shoes it looks its best. This universal combination of belt and shoe can be worn with virtually any suit color, although it is best worn with mid-to-dark tone trousers. Navy and gray tailoring or separation is perfect.

Black Belt for Men

A black belt is the second many versatile alternatives that you can pick up when paired with black shoes. This belt style operates best when worn with a monochrome color palette, from light gray to charcoal and black.

Blue Belt for Men

A blue belt is a more tricky color to master, although it is ideal to add a subtle color flash to a look. Worn with tonal blues or khaki pants, a blue belt is ideal to add to an off-duty ensemble character.

Tan Belt for Men

When worn with tan shoes, a tan belt works best. The mixture looks its best worn with a navy suit, but in earthy tones such as khaki or brown, this color also complements pants.

The Dos And Don’t Purchase A Belt for Men

  • When you are looking for versatility, do not choose a loud color or tonal designs.
  • Measure the size of your waist to create it simpler to buy belts online.
  • Do not choose huge buckles but rather metallic details designs.
  • Choose a belt that suits the remainder of your accessories with a finish or weave.
  • Do not stick for all occasions to one belt color. Have an alternative to cover most eventualities and clothing codes with brown, black and tan.
  • Suit your watch and cufflinks with the metal in the buckle of your belt.

How to Wear a Belt for Men?

Does wearing a belt hold your trousers up, it’s a way of pulling together your outfit and look grown up. When selecting your belt, you will have to make sure that it is the correct length and that it is suitable for the occasion for which you wear it. The trousers and shoes you wear should match your belt. It should fit readily into your pants ‘ belt loops if you wear your belt and sit at your waist.

Selecting a Belt for Men

Choose to have a slightly longer belt. If you wear a dress or a casual belt, after it is fastened, there should be only a bit of fabric left over, about 2 in (5.1 cm) to 4 in (10 cm). You must be able to insert your belt end into your pants ‘ first belt loop, or the belt loop itself.

  •  On the shop belts, you only have the right length that You can try to make sure. 
  • You may also select a Belt for Men depending on the size of your pant. Choose a belt marked 36 in (91 cm) to 38 in (97 cm) if you wear trousers with a 34 in (86 cm) waist.

For official occasions, select leather belts.

Of course, you don’t need to get true leather. But it should look like leather in your dress belt. It feels more formal and matches your shoes as well.

Select cloth belts to wear on a daily basis.

You can make a casual, everyday Belt for Men of almost any material you like. Usually, cloth belts are your best bet, simply because they suit a lot of stuff (as opposed to something like a snakeskin belt).

  • When you want, you may also select 1 or 2 belts for casual occasions with a funky, fun pattern.

Look out for the buckle.

There are lots of dimensions and finishes for belt buckles. The bigger a belt buckle is in particular, the more casual it looks. Girdles of dress tend to have lower buckles. You may choose a slightly bigger buckle if you pick an everyday Belt for Men. Choose to have a tiny buckle if you are looking for a Belt for Men to wear with dress pants.

  • Belt widths match the size of the buckle. So generally a Belt for Men with a big buckle will be broader. A dress belt is going to be narrower with a narrower buckle.
  • Large belt buckles generally look more casual when larger, more official, tight buckles tend to appear.
  • You wouldn’t precisely have to match your buckle’s finish. Look for silver buckles if you tend to wear silver accessories and jewelry, however, occasionally you may wear gold buckles as well.
  • Single tongue, webbing, clip-on, and clip latch buckles are some popular Belt for Men buckle kinds.

Mix your belt with your outfit

Select width of your belt through your pants ‘ formality. If you wear casual pants – light jeans or pants for cargo – it’s best to wear a broad Belt for Men. You must choose a smaller belt if you wear dresser pants – dress pants, chinos, or dark denim.

  • Wide here implies approximately 1.5 in (3.8 cm).
  • Narrow is approximately 1.25 in (3.2 cm).

Match the color of your belt and shoe.

If you wear black shoes, choose a black belt irrespective of the width. The same applies to brown shoes, wearing a brown Belt for Men.

Whether you can afford only one Belt for Men right now, choose one black belt. Black’s going to mix in with your pants so that you can wear it with almost anything. For more variety, you can also obtain reversible belts, with 1 black side and 1 brown side.

You must have your trousers in the same family of colors as your shoes. So there are black or dark blue pants with black shoes and brown shoes with khakis or light gray pants.

Belt For Men

Suit the fabric of your belt and shoe.

The width and color of your belt and outfit are the most significant things to consider when matching. However, matching your belt and shoe material will make you sound much more assembled! When wearing leather shoes, wear a leather belt, a canvas Belt for Men when wearing canvas shoes, and a suede belt when wearing suede shoes.

  • When you’re dressed, shoes and belts in leather or suede are bets.
  • A canvas belt with canvas shoes is fine if you’re going to look more casual.

Putting your belts on

Wear your neck socks. Before you can put on your belt, you will need to put on your trousers. They should sit comfortably at your waist when you pull on your trousers, not around your hips. As you placed your Belt for Men on, your trousers should remain in location.

First, insert your strap through the loops on the left.

Take the bottom of your strap and insert it with the button on the front left of your trousers in your belt loops. Thread the bottom of the strap through each loop and pull through the strap as you go. Buckle your strap once you hit the last loop.

The method of buckling will differ depending on the type of buckle of your Belt for Men (single language, webbing, etc.).

Use a simple tongue buckle to protect your belt.

A simple buckle of the tongue has a prong on one side of both the buckle frame. Thread the end in your belt like you usually would through your belt loops. Then bring the Belt for Men end and push via the buckle frame. Whenever the belt felt tight enough, at the end of your belt, push the prong through the nearest hole. After which tuck the belt end into the nearest loop of the belt.

Unfasten your buckle, unfasten the loose end of the strap and squeeze it in the reverse direction till the prong falls out of the loop. Take the loose end back through the buckle frame, take away the strap through the loops of your strap.

Unlock the loose end of the strap to unlock your buckle and squeeze it in the reverse direction before the prong comes out from the loop. Pull the loose thread back through the buckle frame, take away the strap through the loops of your strap.

Using a daily wear webbing buckle.

Thread your belt as normal through the loops of your Belt for Men. After which thread through the center of the buckle frame the bottom of the strap, between both the fabric strap continuously connected to the strap and the bracket used it to secure the loose object. When assembled, wrap the loose end over the box, then pull the object under the outside of the frame until it gets narrow. Put in another belt loop the loose end of your strap.

Unlock your buckle by removing from your Belt for Men loops the loose end of the strap. Then thread it through the center of the strap and back up over the article. Then take the strap through the loops of your strap.

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For informal times, wear a buckle clip.

Thread your strap through the loops of your Belt for Men. Then slip between the top of your buckle as well as the bottom of the frame the loose end of your strap. Click the buckle down to protect the strap once it is held tightly. In the nearest belt loop, tuck the loose end of your strap.

Lift the clip to unlock your belt. This is supposed to release the belt. Then push away through the buckle the loose end and then through the loops of your Belt for Men.

Use a grip lock strap to secure your belt.

A belt with a snap lock feels like a seat belt a lot. Thread the strap through the loops of your strap. After which insert the folding end of the strap into the buckle (the object you passed through the loops of your belt). If the Belt for Men is safe, you must hear a tap. Pull the loose end of the strap connected to the portion you placed in the buckle to create the strap tighter.

Your buckle belt should have a top or bottom key. To remove the strap end that popped into the buckle presses it. Then twist through your strap loops the loose end of your strap.