Makeup brush guide for beginners

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From face to eye brushes, we have all the makeup brush info you need to know to get the great flawless look. Unless you’re a trained makeup artist or have watched more than a few YouTube beauty tutorials in your spare time, makeup brushes can be tricky to decode. In the beauty universe, you know you’ve reached peak adulthood once you’ve amassed a full collection of makeup brushes. Who cares what brush is used as long as you reach your desired effect. With so many makeup brush shapes and sizes on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. If you’re trying to figure out the beauty we don’t blame you. Read this article about makeup brush guide for beginners.


Concealer Brush

Makeup brush guide for beginners: This is greatest likely the brush you want to use for your foundation. Use the sponge’s broadsides to apply the product on your face. Alternate uses: Apply cream blush, apply powder for baking your makeup, blend out harsh makeup lines, and remove excess product. Some kabuki brushes are designed for liquids and some are designed for powders. Use the tip to reach creases around the nose and to pinpoint small areas.

Makeup brush guide for beginners

Contour Brush

Makeup brush guide for beginners: Brunette Contour is one of the most popular brushes from cosmetic brushes. And Contouring has become one of the most important Trends in beauty and makeup. The use of cretins and corundum powder, as well as the use of highlighter, will be increasing day by day, and you will probably need a can turtleneck brush. Using the Contour brush, you can create lines, shadows and dark lines for your species, shape it yourself and play the makeup, or use your Couture pen and Hi-Glider to brush your cheeks.


Makeup brush guide for beginners: Angled contour brush

The shape of this brush allows you to really work powder contour products into your cheekbones to give the illusion of a sharper more angled face. The slanted bristles make it easier to apply products perfectly to your cheekbones. Angled brushes with stiffer, more densely packed bristles can be used for more controlled contouring. You still want some flexibility in your contour brush or you’ll end up with lines on your face. Apply contour powder below your cheekbones to emphasize you’re natural contours.


Makeup brush guide for beginners: Lip Brush

Start by sketching the outline of your lips, then color in the center for a perfect pout. It’s likely that you will not find the appropriate line with your own color, or you will not have the lipstick with it. In such cases, the lip brush can work. The tip of the pencil is tight, all of which makes it possible to draw with it an elaborate and delicate dress. Also, if you want to share your tips with family members, it is healthier to use these pens. Bristles are short and firm to help keep application precise and controlled.

Makeup brush guide for beginners

Eyeliner brush

Makeup brush guide for beginners: Talking about eyeliner can make any makeup lover feel dread. Use the fluffy bristles to diffuse eye shadow in the crease of your eye, or use it to blend multiple shades of eye shadow together. There are also quite a few types of eyeliner brushes (flat brushes, smudges, angled brushes). This is the perfect brush for applying gel eyeliner, for doing a cat eye, for applying a darker shade of eyeshadow along upper and lower lash lines. The pinpoint the tip makes it easy to draw on an ultra-thin eyeliner flick.