Best eyeliner liquid 2019

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No wonder it has remained a style staple for decades. We all have our own idea of what makes good eyeliner, although we’re sure can all agree it should be budge-proof and long-lasting. From long-wearing gel liners to easy-to-use felt tips, find your perfect fit within Vogue’s edit. In this article, we will introduce you to the best eye-catching line brands. These days, choosing good eyeliner is not easy. There’s no point in perfecting your feline flick if it’s just going to up and disappear after lunch. It needs to fit a strict set of criteria. Maybe you’re looking for one that is smudged for a smoky eye look. You should choose an eye line that is compatible with your eyes and comfortable. Read this article about best eyeliner liquid 2019.



Best eyeliner liquid 2019: It was a top pick the first time we reviewed eyeliner in 2016. The creamy formula smudges able for about 30 seconds after application. That means whether you’re going for a Smokey eye or sharply defined cat-eye. While the Urban Decay pencil covers the waterline in one swipe, the Marc Jacobs pencil requires two applications for full. With bulletproof wear, and 43 vibrant shades, this pencil checks every box on our list. The Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil is available pretty much anywhere with a makeup counter. For variety, there’s simply no competition for the Urban Decay 24/7.

Best eyeliner liquid 2019

Exaggerate Eye Liner Mascara Brand

Best eyeliner liquid 2019: If you have puffy eyes, this eyeliner is very suitable for you. Its quality does not leave its texture on the eye at all, even after hours. You do not have to wait a long time if you want to blend a few layers; you do not need to do this! Its brush model also enables you to give the line you draw any angle and model you like. The volume of liquid inside it is also high in price, so it remains for a long time. Laugh and cry as you like, your line of sight will never be erased! Positive points: Drawing the eyeliner is easy, durable, and suitable for sensitive eyes and sensitive skin, and has good pigmentation. Negative notes: Its brush is a bit stiff.


Liquid Eyeliner Art Pen Christian Dior

Best eyeliner liquid 2019: With this eyeliner, you can easily draw a beautiful line behind your eyes. Its excellent quality has made it even more durable, in addition to being soft and smooth. If you like a beautiful, accurate and bold line, you’ll definitely choose this model. Why? Its brush is very delicate and accurate. Even if you have trembling hands and always line your face, having this eyeliner does not need to worry about anything. Positive points: It has a beautiful package, it has a good brush, it is durable, and its texture does not leave. Negative points: may be a bit expensive for you!

Best eyeliner liquid 2019


Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner

Best eyeliner liquid 2019: We recommend that you try the Illamasqua Precision Ink. One of the benefits of this eyeliner is its varied colors: black, golden, olive, an aborigine. The eyelash curler makes it easy to use, and as soon as it’s dry, it’s not easy to clean and has very high durability. The waterproofness of this eyeliner makes it completely unplayable. For that reason, if you have a fat skin, you do not have to worry about it at all. Just erasing it from the eyes is a bit hard; therefore, try using an oily cleaner instead of using a regular makeup cleaner. Positive points: It has beautiful packaging, it has good, tone pigmentation, it is soft and smooth, and it is waterproof.


Best eyeliner liquid 2019: Tom Ford’s Eye Defining Pen

Are you one of the people you like to spend unconditionally? This Tom Ford headline is one of the most expensive eyewear on the market! Its ingredients are awesome and you do not need to press too much because of the psychological brush. But you can easily drag a bold and beautiful line without leaving a part of it empty and dull. It is also shiny after drying. Another benefit of this eyeliner is its durability. Since it’s wasted, about 10 hours on your eyes remain the same, even if you have fat skin. The other advantage is that it has two heads. Ahead has a thin brush that you can draw with a thin, precise line. If you like thick eyeliner, you can use it from the other end. Positive points: It has good and tight pigments, it has two different heads, and it has high durability.