How to pick shaver

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With the number of shaving products on the market, it can be a tough task to narrow the choices down to one best razor blade for you. Nowadays there are several ways to have a neat look. One of these methods is the use of a head and face correction machine for men, the correction machines, along with a variety of different types, have special features that, depending on the different needs of different applications we have mentioned the features below for choosing and buying better. Disposables are cheap and convenient, but they usually have low-quality blades that can irritate your skin. So we broke it down here with the best double-edge razors. But first some general tips for successful safety razor shaving. Read this article about how to pick shaver.


The advantage of a shaver than a razor

For a long time, the razor was the only tool to correct facial expressions. After that electric razors replaced the blade in the market. It is no important how high the quality of the blade. Even when used with beard paste, it also damages part of the living cells of the skin. This inherent weakness of the razor made the engineers think of ways to remove direct skin contact with the razor. And thus electric shavers with lace or coil curtain were invented.


How to pick shaver: Original shaver

  • Notice the hologram and its location. The inside of the box is a hand-made notebook of colored straw, the device itself, a grooving patch and an additional shoulder.
  • The body of the mosquito machine is not made of ordinary plastics. It is made of lacquer plastic and talks with Adam in short. This adjustment knuckle does not have some fake models.
  • The screws of the mosquito’s body are closed and placed right on the edge of the body (right on the defective line). These bolts are solar. If the screw is Charsowo or Allen or anything else, that’s not the original. If the jump was moved, it’s not the same.
  • Notice the quality of the blade. This German-made engraving, in fake mosaics, is not a clean one, and there are collapsed edges.

how to pick shaver


Don’t get irritated

how to pick shaver: A safety razor blade is sharper, especially when replaced often. Using a razor with multiple blades can actually lead to more burn, bumps, and redness. It takes fewer passes to take your beard down meaning less drag and less inflammation. The more your skin comes in contact with the blades the more likely it is to get irritated.



Who does it hurt to fix his face under the shower? Definitely nobody! The best shaver can help you clean it after your correction. In fact, even if it’s not totally waterproof, you should have at least a series of waterproofs to keep it clean and washable. It should be noted, however, that resistance to water penetration is graded, and in this respect, attention should be paid to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Resistance to moisture, as well as the protection against external factors such as dust, is displayed in electrical devices with the IPxy parameter. In this parameter, x represents the level of protection against external factors, and is a number between 0 and 6. y is also a number between 0 and 8, indicating the degree of resistance to water. This parameter determines whether it is usable in the bathroom or the use of a shaver with a beard.


How to pick shaver: Easy cleaning

There are three ways to clean the shaver. Most razors have a small brush or cleaner to clean. Some models can be washed with water. A few have an automatic cleaning system with a sanitary fluid that is also very expensive

how to pick shaver


Battery Charger

Most new razors are rechargeable. The device’s charging capability increases, but in practice, it makes it easier to use. Battery life will take between 1 and 12 hours, depending on the type of battery, and about 30 to 60 minutes of refresh time. One of the most practical benefits of a shaver is the warning or residual charge indicator.


Have the right set-up

how to pick shaver: Choose the razor that best matches your skills, budget and beard type. Keep the shaving cream handy and prepare to de-fuzz. You’ll need more than a rearview mirror to see what the heck you’re doing. Shaving with a safety razor is a whole different experience.


Advantages of a rotary shaver

It is Ideal for thick, thick-bearded beards and bearded rows in different directions. Of course, people who go for rotary shiners because of this should also consider the quality of their device. It is Suitable for people who do not or do not need to shave their beards every day.