Best Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone

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Picking out nail polish color can be a very fun endeavor. Picking your nail polish color is part of the enjoyment of having a manicure. We pay so much attention to our nails. We shouldn’t be matching our nail color to our outfits our even our moods, because just like our hair and our makeup, our nails should be matching our skin tone. The importance of this choice is low. Your clothes, the color of your skin and even the shape of your hands are involved in this selection. For example, if you have short fingers, you should not choose a nail polish that shortens your fingers; you must show your fingers. Read this article about Best Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone.


Skin color

According to numerous sources, one of the most important issues when choosing a nail polish color is your skin color. In general, there are simple rules for choosing a varnish color based on your skin color. For example, light skin, with dark colors, looks very good, especially those with a blue base. Normal skin, with a dark red variety, creates a good combination, while the dark skin is almost the same color.


Best Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone: Makeup

In your makeup, you have to balance the color selection. The best idea to choose a nail polish color based on your color scheme is to choose a complementary color. It is not interesting that your whole site is a color, a little nicer. Of course, the time when the color of your lipstick and nail polish is one and the same is very noticeable.


The most important factor

Check out this factor if you want to know how to choose the appropriate lacquer color for your nail. What color is currently popular? No matter what color your skin is, it will finally be found in the color spectrum that is currently fashioned to come to your skin. A variety of violet, blue, pink, coral and even black colors are available in matte and shiny models to find harmony with any skin.

Best Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone


When you want to choose a suitable color for your nails, you should also keep in mind the day or the occasion you are in. What are you going to do on that day? If you want to lacquer for your own heart, be comfortable! Use colorful varnishes and even funny designs. If you want to go to work or participate in a business meeting or something like this, choose neutral colors. But be careful if you want to roam the night with your friends in the city! The red is awesome, but whatever you do, try to keep it dark or choose the right color for the color of your metal jewelry.


Best Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone: Season

The season is also a striking case for choosing the right nail color. In the winter, darker colors are fantastic. But there is no limit in the spring, you have to pay attention to other things. Summer is a good time for warm colors, bright and bold colors, and neon lacquers. For the fall, bronze, golden, red, and some neutral colors are magnificent.

Best Nail Colors for Your Skin Tone

favorite color

Now it looks like you’re going to ignore the other! That’s exactly the case, you can do it. All that is said is just what colors you come up with. Some of these rules may not be correct for you. Or maybe you do not care about it. no problem!


In any case, they are your nails, even if all the rules dictate that your favorite color does not look good on your hands, you can choose exactly the same color! You can easily learn how to choose the right color for your nails. Do not worry; there is no compulsion in your choice. If you like the color that these rules say you do not come up with, it’s not a problem, just choose the color of your choice, a different curtain of that color, a kind of matte or glossy type to sit on your hand.


A shape of Your Hands

If you’re fortunate enough to have elongated, thin fingers, then nudes – and almost any other shades are for you. If you have short fingers our recommendation is to avoid dark colors as it can make your fingers look shorter, or even stubby, which you definitely don’t want. Try something light and bright instead. Glittery works too. Not nude though.