How to find the best lipsticks

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Many times, for lactating women, after leaving the lipstick, their lips have been left behind, due to their smooth lips and scaly lipstick levels. Here’s a trick for you to take care of your lips without Leave on your lips and scrape off your lips with this simple method. Makeup has its own tricks. With the help of the following tips, you will see the finer finish. Look at the color of your lips when selecting the color of the luster and try its color as bright as 1 or 2 degrees higher. Always try the lipstick on your lower lip. Do not forget to first clean the lipstick with alcoholic chewing gum and use a brush or a fingernail to peel your lips. If you do not want to try the lipstick on your lips, never try it on your skin. Read this article about How to find the best lipsticks.


Shuffle the lips on the cracked lips

How to find the best lipsticks: First, drink enough water to stop your lips. If the water supply does not solve your problem, you can try using Vaseline or lip balm before lacing on your lips.


Peeling lip

In addition to retaining the moisture of the lips, exfoliation is necessary before applying the luster. Gently rub off dead skin on your lips using a gentle, moisturizing peeling. Exfoliating removes dead skin and keeps the lips so good that it is soft and moist.

How to find the best lipsticks

The importance of using the lipstick

How to find the best lipsticks: The lip line is often necessary for all makeup. The lip line is to stay high on the lipstick and prevent the lips from getting loose or spread. Getting the lipstick at the start of the work makes it possible to see exactly where the need for a liner is needed.


Lifting the line of lips

The correct lip line should be, but be careful before you touch it. You should make your lips look better than making new lips. For the face to look natural, you should only line your lips in the center of your mouth.


Should I match the color of the dye with hair color?

If your hair color is a natural blonde and you have a pale pinkish color, it’s best to use peach or gilly lipstick, but if you do not color and darker your skin color, you can use dark red or purple-red. Today, most women color their hair, and most women who have a bluish color or mesh have a natural hair color, so it’s better to match the pattern with the color of the hair instead of matching the natural hair color, but there are also recommendations should be considered. For example, if your clothes are brown, do not apply the lipstick, but if you wear black, you can use red or pink lipstick.


Dark lipstick

How to find the best lipsticks: Your lipstick should always complement your lips and not overcome its color. When you use the dark lip line, slide it all up and down. For best results, always look for lips that are as close as possible to your luster.


Use the right color for your skin

Just like the cream in different colors of tone, lipstick is the same. Finding the perfect tone for your beautiful look is essential. For those with yellow skin tones, warm colors are better, and for those who have pink tones, blue or violet colors. Pale skin should not use a bright yellow or yellow skin. Avoid darker skin tones than bright or light dyes. Darker tone looks more natural for these people.

How to find the best lipsticks

Color suitable for lips size

The lipstick can show your lips big or small, depending on the color of the tint you are using. The darker colors make the lips look thinner, while the shiny and bright tones of the lips are fresher.



Katie Fairy with black hairs and artistic shades and repetitions may seem stereotyped but will help a lot to get the best out of practice. Changing from simple and minimal colors to bold and attractive colors may be inappropriate at first, but with more training, you can find the crook.

Hint: Get used to scratching your lips; for example, use ordinary lipstick for everyday tasks, such as when you go to the supermarket or dry-cleaning. This helps to make scary lips normal. So when you even use them for a business trip, you’re no longer sensitive to your lipstick.